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December 24, 2008




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Entitled The 12 Days of ForceCast Christmas, this was the second Galaxy of Music Christmas special, following GoM Volume 15, the 2007 Holiday Special. This volume features the finalists of the 12 Days of ForceCast Christmas Contest.


  • "12 Days of ForceCast Christmas" by Pedro "Jorbex"
  • "Vader Did You Know" by Vic Mignogna
  • "Have Yourself A Happy Balanced Force Day" by Bethany Hamilton
  • "Christmas in the Stars" by Anthony Daniels
  • "The Millennium Falcon For Christmas" by John Anealio
  • "Life Day Song" by Carrie Fisher
  • "12 Days of ForceCast Christmas" by Eric Geller
  • "Bells, Bells, Bells" by Anthony Daniels
  • "12 Days of ForceCast Christmas" by Stuart "Shazbazzar" Tullis (The Winner)


  • "The Jedi Princess of Jazz" Bethany Hamilton discusses Balance Force Day, her favorite Star Wars holiday songs, new years plans, favorite Star Wars moments of the year, and other topics.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • A clip from a 2006 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! with "Black Santa" starring Billy Dee Williams is featured.
  • A clip from Wendy Snyder's Women of Mass Discussion on WLS Radio is featured discussing Jimmy Mac's New Year's Eve Countdown to the Death Star Explosion (at 1:57:12 on the special edition DVD, so start at 10:02:48).

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