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A Galaxy of Music

Date released

March 4, 2011




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A Galaxy of Music Volume 30

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A Galaxy of Music Volume 32

Jimmy Mac is back in the ForceCast sound lab to bring you a fresh collection of Star Wars songs, tributes, and parodies. For this edition, we go to the Dark Side with Sci-Fried, pay tribute to Star Wars with Jedi Elvis, and honor our favorite Padawan with High Adventure. Plus much more as we rock away the winter doldrums with A Galaxy of Music!


  • "Embrace the Dark Side" by Sci-Fried
  • "Promise Land" by Jedi Elvis
  • "The Fate of Ahsoka" by High Adventure
  • "Star Wars" by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals (from the CD "3/4")
  • "Drinking on the Death Star" by ForceCast listener Gino
  • "Ready For Anything" by Jason Monday

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