Celebration Update is a segment on The ForceCast that begins airing once the countdown to a Celebration has begun and up until The ForceCast begins on-location coverage.

The segment consists of various features, including:

  • Listener-submitted tips for first-time conventioneers and die-hard attendees alike
  • The latest news on attending celebrities, confirmed events and activities, and convention-exclusive merchandise
  • Information about The ForceCast's own presence at the convention, including podcast swag (like buttons and trading cards) and live broadcasts.


Many ForceCast fans have said that distinctive Celebration Update bumper reminds them of the excitement of preparing for a Celebration. The bumper is based on the song Celebration by Kool & the Gang.

File:CelebrationUpdate Intro.ogg

Fan Days UpdateEdit

When The ForceCast plans to attend the yearly Fan Days convention in Dallas, this segment is used in the lead-up to those events. Specific Fan Days Update bumpers can be found below.

Fan Days III (2009)Edit

FanDays3Update Intro

Fan Days 2012Edit

FanDays2012 Intro

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