The Clone Wars Roundtable

Date recorded

December 6, 2011

Date released

December 8, 2011



TCW episode(s)

Season 4 Episode 12 - "Slaves of the Republic"


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Previous episode

Clone Wars Roundtable: 411 - Kidnapped

Next episode

Clone Wars Roundtable: 413 - Escape from Kadavo

Sony Computer Entertainment's David Collins and artist Grant Gould join us for our review of Slaves of the Republic.


  • Jason Swank
  • Jimmy Mac
  • Grant Gould (Official Star Wars artist)
  • David Collins (Sound Design Manager, Sony Playstation)


  • Topics go here

Significant quotesEdit

  • "Let's talk about how pretty the explosions were!" -- Jimmy Mac joking about the fact that the Roundtable addressed deep philosophical issues right off the bat.

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