thumb|300px|right|A commercial for FCTV that was produced in May 2008

FCTV is a series of animated videos produced by Kay and Mark Minckiewicz, also known as "The Jawas." Each FCTV video takes humorous segments from The Weekly ForceCast and adds cartoon graphics to illustrate the selected audio. Mr. and Mrs. Minckiewicz use image-morphing software to make photos of Jason, Jimmy, and any guests appear to "talk" in sync with the show audio.

FCTV's most notable contribution to ForceCast history was the George Lucas Hip Hop Awards video, which won two Atom Fan Movie Challenge awards.

As of late 2010, FCTV videos are no longer posted for each show, and new installments are rare.

All FCTV videos can be found on the TFN YouTube channel.

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