The ForceCast

Date recorded

April 2, 2013

Date released

April 5, 2013




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ForceCast 247: The Real Obi-Wan

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ForceCast 249: I'm Han Solo

On this week's show, we discuss a potential approach to the Expanded Universe that's straight out of the Marvel Comics playbook. Plus, more spinoff rumors, a new Dark Horse miniseries, the future of LucasArts, and a whole lot more.


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Show notesEdit

  • Discussion Segment
    • Erik and Eric discuss an article by Brian over at Tosche Station titled "Star Wars, Marvel, and the Multiverse." Marvel and DC have both rebooted their universes, and Marvel's had an "Ultimates" alternate universe for some time. What if Star Wars went in this direction with the EU?

Significant quotesEdit

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