The ForceCast

Date recorded

April 23, 2014

Date released

April 25, 2014




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ForceCast 299: Meet Your New Favorite Twi'lek

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ForceCast 301: New Canon, New Cast

Alan Horn confirms that Episode VII filmed in Abu Dhabi, the Star Wars Rebels crew reveals the show's theme music, and Star Wars Weekends brings The Clone Wars and Rebels to Disney World. Plus, we present Justin Bolger's WonderCon interview with Dave Filoni -- where he discusses major subjects like the identity of the Chosen One -- and then break down the interview and the Rebels panel with Justin himself. Don't miss this jam-packed episode of The ForceCast!


  • Justin Bolger (TheForce.Net)
  • Dave Filoni (executive producer, Star Wars Rebels)

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