The ForceCast

Date recorded

July 9, 2014

Date released

July 11, 2014




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ForceCast 312: Sorry Sarlacc, Boba Fett Lives

Episode VII has two new cast members -- fresh from the open casting call -- and a trio of snazzy IMAX cameras. This week, Eric and Justin analyze what this latest Star Wars news means, preview Lucasfilm's presence at San Diego Comic-Con, and discuss their hopes for the villains of the first sequel.


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Show notesEdit

  • The HoloNet
    • Production update from
    • We knew Episode VII would be released in IMAX, but now we also know it's being captured in the format. Bad Robot tweeted a picture of an IMAX camera sweeping over a desert landscape with the text "#bestformatever."
    • Lucasfilm has revealed the full Star Wars presence at San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Discussion
    • Who would we like to see as the villains of Episode VII?
  • Fan Focus

Significant quotesEdit

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