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July 16, 2014

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July 18, 2014




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Star Wars Rebels has cast David Oyelowo as an ISB agent, Marvel is re-publishing its original run of Star Wars comics, and Karen Gillan's hair probably wasn't used for Mara Jade after all. Plus, author and editor Jonathan Rinzler's Reddit AMA reveals an interesting fact about a famous bounty hunter. This week, we tackle a potpourri of stories from all corners of the news realm, launching several heated debates in the process.


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Show notesEdit

  • The HoloNet
    • Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels will be voiced by David Oyelowo.
    • The WolfPack podcast tweeted a photo of DK’s Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide showing (spoiler!) Bail Organa, animated in Rebels style, with the caption, "Senator Organa owns C-3PO and R2-D2] He loans them to Imperial Governor Pryce on Lothal."
    • Marvel Publishing Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Next Year
    • A poster on the Jedi Council Forums claims to have photos of several Episode VII trailers, including one showing the name "Kira" under the AVCO production label. The poster commented that his sources believe Kira to be Daisy Ridley's character.
    • Karen Gillan's wig (made from her hair after she shaved it for Guardians of the Galaxy) will be returned to her so she can star in her new TV show Selfie.
  • Fan Focus
    • Jonathan Rinzler did a reddit AMA on Wednesday, and we noticed a few interesting tidbits.
  • The Comlink
    • We read emails from Axe and Greg.

Significant quotesEdit

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