The ForceCast

Date recorded

July 23, 2014

Date released

July 25, 2014




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ForceCast 312: Sorry Sarlacc, Boba Fett Lives

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ForceCast 314: A New Dawn At Comic-Con

J.J. Abrams reveals the first new starship of the sequel trilogy, Star Wars Rebels reveals the voice behind its "big bad," and we've got Episode VII rumors aplenty. Justin is out at San Diego Comic-Con Eric, Erik, and guest co-host Christian Blauvelt discuss the possible premise of the first sequel film, John Boyega's role, a gender-swapped character, a new rumored cast member, and much more. Tune in and sit back, because another news-packed ForceCast is coming right up!


  • Christian Blauvelt (BBC Culture)

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