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January 21, 2015

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January 23, 2015




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Gary Whitta has finished his work on the first standalone film. What does it mean? Probably not that much. In this week's show, we discuss the screenwriter's departure, along with a rumor about Star Wars Detours, a smooth arrival to the world of Star Wars Rebels, and a connection between Marvel's Star Wars #1 and The Force Awakens. Plus, it's our first official live show, so listen for some back and forth with our chat room too!


Show notesEdit

  • The HoloNet
    • Kate Mara (House of Cards), Rooney Mara (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) are reportedly auditioning for the first standalone film, with producers also eying Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything).
    • George Lucas says that Disney isn’t using his sequel trilogy scripts at all.
    • George Lucas told Screen Rant that The Force Awakens teaser looked “great” and “interesting.” He told the New York Post’s Page Six that he saw it in a theater and “it was intriguing.”
  • Discussion
    • Justin interviews Jason Aaron, the writer of Marvel Comics' Star Wars series.
  • Fan Focus
    • Marvel is promising big comic announcements in March and April. The company also revealed that pre-orders for Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 have already topped 300,000.
    • LEGO confirms that it’s making The Force Awakens sets.
    • The Force Awakens Blu-ray and DVD sets will be released in Spring/Summer 2016, according to a marketing document spotted at Toy Fair.
    • Making Star Wars posts video of a Q&A with Dave Filoni, Rebels writer Henry Gilroy, and art director Kilian Plunkett. It’s from a release event for Marvel’s Star Wars #1.
    • Lucasfilm has shared art from the penciller of the new Star Wars: Kanan comic that depicts the Rebels character as a young Padawan.
    • Best wishes to Peter Mayhew, who is recovering from pneumonia in the hospital. His wife said on Tuesday, “He will make a full recovery, and hope to be discharged within a few days. Doctors are incredibly happy with his improvements.”
    • Friend of the show Teresa Delgado has a podcast on the Geek Out Loud network, and this Saturday, at 10am ET, all the shows on the network will be doing a live podcast marathon for CURE, a childhood cancer research charity. You’ll be able to listen to the marathon at and you can donate to CURE at
  • The Comlink
    • In our live chat, Chris asked, Which had better acting, the prequels or The Holiday Special?

Significant quotesEdit

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