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December 1, 2013




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Sabacc Table 9: Finally, Wave 3!

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Sabacc Table 11: Wrapping Up 2013

No matter the technical difficulties, we will not be seduced by the dark side of the Force! This episode's a little late getting out, but we've got reviews of Tiny Death Star and QuizUp, news about some upcoming releases, and a listener who wants some advice on a squad build.

Show NotesEdit

  • News
    • SWTOR is implementing a character name purge.
    • Tiny Death Star review.
    • QuizUp review.
    • Star Wars 3D playing card set is being re-released.
    • More Edge of the Empire specialization decks are available.
    • FFG announced Knowledge and Defense, the third expansion in the Echoes of the Force cycle.
    • Results from FFG's World Championship Weekend.
  • Listener Feedback
    • Is casual gaming the future of Star Wars games?
    • A-Wing love.
    • Build advice.

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