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April 8, 2013




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Sabacc Table 12: The Aces Are Coming

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Sabacc Table 14: Full Throttle

We're back! We're kicking off spring with a ton of news, including Imperial Aces, Rebel Aces, and more! And though March Madness is over, we're letting you choose your own X-Wing aces and giving away some prizes! Check our @SabaccTable Twitter feed for more info!

Show NotesEdit

  • News
    • Imperial Aces is out.
    • Zen Studios' Star Wars Pinball is now available for WiiU.
    • "Heroes Within" is announced for Star Wars Pinball.
    • SWTOR announces Galactic Strongholds.
    • FFG announces Rebel Aces.
    • X-Wing Wave 4 is announced.
    • FFG also provies more info on the upcoming "huge" ships.
  • Discussion
    • Select your own X-Wing aces in our Post-March Madness contest.

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