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July 22, 2013




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This week we take a look at the new Edge of the Empire roleplaying game from Fantasy Flight Games.  We cover the "obligation" system, explain the unique dice mechanics, and go over the basic careers and specializations.  We also talk about the new Angry Birds announcement, the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic update, and more!

Show NotesEdit

  • Announcements
    • Release schedule
    • If we start a SWTOR guild, would you be interested in joining?
  • News
    • X-Wing Wave 1 ships are back in stock!
    • Angry Birds Star Wars II launches September 19... and Erik rants.
    • The first full LCG expansion, The Edge of Darkness, is now available.
    • Kingdom Hearts III director would like to add Star Wars characters to the game.
    • Fantasy Flight Games announced the first RPG career supplement, Enter the Unknown.
    • SWTOR update 2.3 is coming soon with "bounty contract weeks." Also, you'll be able to obtain an Ewok companion.
  • Discussion: Introduction to the Edge of the Empire roleplaying game
    • General description
    • The "obligation" system
    • Dice mechanics
    • Careers and specializations

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