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September 10, 2013




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Sabacc Table 5: Interview with Steve Horvath

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Sabacc Table 7: Interview with Jay Little

We didn't care much for the Star Wars: Force Collection game, but fortunately we've got some news about the first RPG adventure, Beyond the Rim, and the now-downloadable Free RPG Day supplement! Plus discussions about the SWTOR guild, a big update to the Star Wars Dice app, and more!

Show NotesEdit

  • Announcements
    • Status of guild invites
  • News
    • Beyond the Rim, the first full-length RPG adventure module, is now available!
    • The Free RPG Day supplement, Under a Black Sun, is now available from FFG as a free download!
    • Battle Foam has released several foam trays for the Wave 3 X-Wing Miniatures ships.
    • The Star Wars Dice" app now calculates and simplifies roll results.
  • Review
    • Star Wars: Force Collection

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