The Sabacc Table

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October 19, 2013




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Sabacc Table 8: But Wait, There's More!

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Sabacc Table 10: We Broke Lou

We finally have a chance to play with X-Wing Wave 3 and get some hands-on experience with how the new ships change the game. We also cover Star Wars Pinball, Tiny Death Star, SWTOR's Galactic Starfighter expansion, and more!

Show NotesEdit

  • News
    • The new Star Wars Pinball tables are out
    • NimbleBit announces Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
    • The Galactic Starfighter expansion for SWTOR will offer 12 vs. 12 non-rails space combat
    • Dangerous Covenants is announced for Edge of the Empire
    • Fantasy Flight offers FAQ's for Edge of the Empire and a beta update for Age of Rebellion
  • Discussion
    • Erik's HWK-290/B-wing/X-wing build
    • The "Shuttle and Squints" build
    • Other builds
    • General comments on the new ships
  • Listener Feedback
    • RPG questions
    • Rethinking Star Wars: Force Collection

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