The Sabacc Table

Date launched

July 4, 2013

Release frequency



Erik Blythe, Nate Nelson, and Louis Secki

Show page

The Sabacc Table (launched on July 4, 2013) is The ForceCast's monthly Star Wars gaming program, dedicated to discussion of Star Wars video, card, and roleplaying games. It is hosted by The ForceCast co-host Erik Blythe along with Nate Nelson and Louis Secki.

Since The ForceCast (network) closed its doors on March 12, 2016, The Sabacc Table relocated (along with Echo Base and The Outer Rim) to Erik Blythe's RandomChatter Podcast Network. In addition to its old hosts, Mike Templeton (The Retro Convo podcast) has joined the show.


Full articles for episodes of The Sabacc Table (while it was on The ForceCast (network)) can be found here.

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