The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

April 5, 2011

Date released

April 8, 2011




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This week we catch up with Clone Wars, voice actor Stephen Stanton (Captain Tarkin), jam to more musical poetry from Billy Dee, and Lucasfilm's mistress of the inter-webs Bonnie Burton joins us to talk about her Star Wars Craft Book, last week's Wondercon, and much, much more.


  • Stephen Stanton
  • Bonnie Burton
  • A New Hope actor Anthony Fixer (pre-recorded at Wizard World Chicago)


  • Stephen Stanton discussed Tarkin with Jason and Jimmy. He also announced that he would be signing autographs for free at the upcoming Wizard World Anaheim convention on April 30th.
  • Jimmy played a second clip from the radio interview that his wife Wendy and her partner Bill conducted with Jeremy Bulloch and Peter Mayhew on July 3, 1997.
  • Jason and Jimmy discussed their April Fools' show and played an outtake from their recording with Kyle Newman and Paul Bateman. The outtake featured a remixed version of Carrie Fisher's famous Life Day song.
  • Billy Dee Quote of the Week
    • Billy Dee's birthday is on April 6th.
    • The clip is of Billy Dee reading poetry based on lyrics from a CD created by his art distributor Brian Liss
  • Jason and Jimmy talked to Bonnie Burton about a variety of subjects.
    • Her new book, The Star Wars Craft Book.
    • The WonderCon 501st/Rebel Legion dinner in honor of Steve Sansweet, where he was inducted as the third member of Dave Filoni's 104th Wolf Pack.
    • The Clone Wars panel.
    • April Fools' pranks, including the fact that Burton initially fell for The ForceCast's Holiday Special Blu-Ray joke.
    • Celebration VI location rumors.
    • Dave Filoni's comments about Ben Quadinaros on The Clone Wars
    • A recent column written by a woman who claimed that men who had a passion for Star Wars and other geeky things were immature and stuck in adolescence.

Live Show GiveawayEdit

  • Jason and Jimmy gave away three copies of The Star Wars Craft Book to listeners via Twitter. They asked live viewers to include "@bonniegrrl" and "@forcecast" in their tweets.
    • Winners:
      • "@bonniegrrl @forcecast Bonnie is awesome. I wish I had the craftbook. #StarWars" - @SWU_DarthMax
      • "@bonniegrrl @forcecast My sister loves crafts and Star Wars and would love to welcome her new kid to the world with great #StarWars crafts!" - @TheSkyCracker
      • "@Forcecast @bonniegrrl #StarWars Quality crafts with / our favourite teacher, the / Brilliant Bonnie ! #haiku" - @NickFreeland

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