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July 20, 2012




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Weekly ForceCast: July 13, 2012

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Weekly ForceCast: July 27, 2012

Clone Wars actor James Arnold Taylor joins us to discuss what he has in store for fans at Star Wars Celebration VI, special ForceCast correspondent Kyle Newman recaps the Star Wars action at last week's San Diego Comic Con, and we catch up with Bonnie Burton to talk life after Lucasfilm.



  • James Arnold Taylor joins Jason and Jimmy at the top of the show (after a brief appearance by "Ben from California"). The three discuss James' recent travels (from Disney World to Ireland), his voice-over work (including what he thinks of the Emmys' voice-acting awards), his upcoming hosting duties at Celebration VI, and Obi-Wan's experiences in The Clone Wars Season 4.
  • Jason and Jimmy check in with Kyle Newman for a report from San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Kyle estimates that this was his fourteenth year attending SDCC. Among the topics they discuss are:
    • Kyle's opportunity to voice a character on a Season 6 episode of The Clone Wars.
    • Hasbro's SW offerings and the Lucasfilm pavilion on the show floor.
    • The Clone Wars Season 5 panel, hosted by Pablo Hidalgo and featuring Dave Filoni.
  • Bonnie Burton joins Jason and Jimmy to discuss her departure from Lucasfilm after nine years there, her new job as the social media strategist for web video network Revision3, and more.
  • As the outro music plays, Jimmy gives away three more sets of ForceCast trading cards. This week's winners are Angela Haralson, Missy O'connell-Galer, and Trent Taylor. The grand prize winner of an exclusive Celebration VI print is Missy O'connell-Galer.

Significant quotesEdit

  • "I'm not a big salad eater. ... My dad always called it 'the food that food eats.'" –– Bonnie Burton SponsorshipEdit

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