The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

July 25, 2007

Date released

July 27, 2007




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Weekly ForceCast: July 20, 2007

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Weekly ForceCast: August 3, 2007


  • Billy Dee Williams once again appears on Night Shift.
  • The producers of Fanboys are looking for the ultimate real life fanboy. The winner of the contest will get a walk on role in the movie.
  • A USA Today article leadsto a discussion about how much power fans have.
  • Drew Karpyshyn is beggining to work on the next Darth Bane novel, the Rule of Two.
  • Jason was a guest panelist on The Force Among Us Podcast.
  • Lucasfilm is teaming up with Get Solo to produce Star Wars business cards.
  • Star Wars The Legacy Revealed is nominated for three Emmys.
  • Princess Leia and Bail Organa are confirmed to appear in The Force Unleashed.
  • Some Hasbro Star Wars Battlefront box sets will soon be released.
  • The are rumors of some upcoming comic packs.

Listener MailEdit

  • Falestica sends in a Celebration Europe tale.
  • Jay Shepard talks about the live action show.
  • Mark asks the ForceCast how they feel about Leia remembering her mother.
  • The host of Roney Zone sends in a voicemail.
  • Qui-Gon from North Carolina talks about meeting Russel Walks.



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