The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

June 7, 2011

Date released

June 10, 2011




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James Arnold Taylor joins us from Orlando where he is currently hosting Disney's Star Wars Weekends. James treats us to a few behind the scenes stories as well as exclusive audio highlights from his one man show "Obi-Wan and Beyond." Plus, Billy Dee disses Michael Bublé and Star Wars Celebration heads back to O-Town in August 2012.


  • James Arnold Taylor


  • James Arnold Taylor joins Jason and Jimmy to talk about his SWW experiences, including the May 20th Star Tours opening ceremonies, the new Star Tours ride itself, his hosting duties, and his one-man "Obi-Wan and Beyond" show. Jason played clips from James' show and James discussed those bits and other aspects of the show. He also talked about life at Disney for the past three weeks, bringing his daughter to the park, what he thinks of his Disney hotel, and more.
  • Billy Dee Quote of the Week
    • Williams appeared on The Cleveland Show again to say that "Michael Bublé ain't cool."
  • Headline News
    • Celebration Update
      • Details have been confirmed. CVI will be in Orlando again in August 2012. Jason reads through the basic information that is currently available, particularly the ticket prices. He warns listeners who want VIP tickets to order them as soon as possible. He also notes that he and Jimmy were discussing their CVI booth setup immediately after the announcement was made.
      • Jason predicts, as he did for CIV and CV, that Harrison Ford will appear at CVI. Jimmy says that Ford has been Star Wars fandom's "white whale" (unattainable goal). Jason's top requests for CVI are Ewan McGregor and Denis Lawson. He and Jimmy also suggest Natalie Portman and James Earl Jones.
      • Jason and Jimmy discuss the choice to not set CVI during the 30th anniversary year of ROTJ. Jimmy says it's not a big deal -- "We don't need an excuse" to celebrate Star Wars, he says. Jason agrees, saying, "I don't think we really need to tie ourselves to [the movie anniversary schedule]."
      • Jason reads an email from a listener who gives his thoughts on CVI. First, he describes the "cons" of the show being back in Orlando. He also describes his anxieties about VIP ticket availability, the uncomfortable weather, and more. Jason and Jimmy respond by giving this listener tips on how to prepare and deal with pre-convention stress. These tips include exercising (to prepare for long waits, walks, and periods of standing) and checking TFN and Rebelscum for constant updates on things like ticket availability. Jason then reads this listener's list of "pros" for CVI being back in Orlando. These include: familiarity with the weather (being able to dress appropriately), knowing the lay of the land, knowing which hotel to pick, being able to see Star Tours, and more.

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