The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

June 16, 2010

Date released

June 18, 2010




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  • Jason and Jimmy discuss the last two shows released after their hiatus.
  • Jason and Jimmy congratulate the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for nominations for two awards.

Celebration V UpdateEdit

  • George Lucas has been confirmed, along with various autograph guests.
  • Jason and Jimmy discuss desired guest appearances.
  • News on the Fans of the ForceCast, 501st Legion, and the TFN FanForce parties.

Billy Dee Quote of the WeekEdit

  • "Roll on, thou dark and deep blue ocean! Roll!" from Orlando, Florida's Star Wars Weekends
  • Billy Dee messing up the Mickey Mouse song.

Star Wars in Pop CultureEdit

  • Star Wars/addidas commercial.
  • Darth Vader Tom Tom commercial.
  • The Cleaveland Show - featuring Cleaveland's son in a Boba Fett costume.


  • 30th Anniversary Empire Strikes Back screening in Los Angeles with Harrison Ford Q&A
  • Chicago Empire Strikes Back screening with George Lucas Q&A
  • News from E3, including:
    • Untitled Star Wars Kinect game.
    • Speculation on a possible PlayStation Move support for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
    • Cinematic trailers for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Star Wars: The Old Republic


  • forum moderator Chris Wyman and archaeologist Mark Dermul disuss their recent trip to "Tatooine" (Tunisia).

Significant quotesEdit

  • "Quotes goes here" - Speaker's name SponsorshipEdit