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The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

June 6, 2007

Date released

June 8, 2007




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Weekly ForceCast: May 17, 2007

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Weekly ForceCast: June 15, 2007


  • Star Wars Celebration IV has now ended. Jason and Pete spend much of the episode reliving everything that went on over the weekend.
  • TheForce.Net is the #1 Star Wars website according to G4.
  • A 76 year old man wins $3.2 million on a Star Wars slot machine.
  • Kyle Newman gets engaged to Jamie King.
  • Randy Martinez unveiled the official artwork for Celebration Europe.
  • launches their new look.
  • Jeremy Bulloch makes an appearance at a 501st member's wedding while in the Boba Fett costume.
  • Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed was the #1 show for adults between the ages of 18-49.
  • A UK tabloid says that Natalie Portman wasn't invited to Celebration IV.

Indiana Jones NewsEdit

  • There will be an open casting call in New Haven, Connecticut for Indiana Jones 4.
    • ForceCast fan John Fagan will be there.
  • Indiana Jones 4 will also be filming in a New Mexico location.
  • Sean Connery will not be in Indiana Jones 4 but he says that he will be at the premier.

Listener MailEdit

  • Chris Macht says that there are still some DVD copies of The Force Among Us.
  • Mike from Illinois reviews The Force Among Us.
  • Eric talks about his Celebration IV experience.
  • Willsends in a voicemail about meeting Jason and Pete with his daughter Karina.
  • Jeff from Buffalo says that the Celebration Megacast helped him run a marathon.
  • Ryan from Wisconsin says that he felt like he was at Celebration because of the ForceCast coverage.



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