The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

November 8, 2006

Date released

November 10, 2006




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Weekly ForceCast: November 3, 2006

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Weekly ForceCast: November 17, 2006


  • Congratualations go to the winners of the 2006 Halloween Costume Contest.
  • The ForceCast will choose ten winners as a reward for getting in the top ten at
  • Jasona and Pete will be on the chat all day long during the Cinemax Star Wars in HD Marathon.
  • posts an article which profiles the major movie studios' search for the next big franchise. It also expresses the concern for the future of Star Wars.
  • humor editor Christopher Knight ran for a seat on the school board in Rockingham County. He made a commercial which included the Death Star blowing up a little red school house. Sadly, however, he did not win a seat on the board.
  • Lucasfilm continues to pursue Shepperton Studios in its copyright infringement case.
  • Field's Edge has an interview with Lorne Peterson and in it he talks about the 2006 DVD release and what is is like since Lucasfilm has sold its model making division.
  • takes a look at the Return of the Jedi exhibit that appeared in malls around the country in 1983.
  • All Headlines News is auctioning off Obi-Wan Kenobi's original costume from 1977.
  • Francis Ford Coppolla's winery has just released a Skywalker Ranch Merlot.

Star Wars Celebration Survival GuideEdit

  • Make sure you pack comfortable shoes.

The CantinaEdit

  • Jason and Pete interview Star Wars author Drew Karpyshyn.


  • Some news is released about upcoming products from Hasbro, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Master Replicas, and Attackus, and Lego.


  • Profession calculators are added to Star Wars Galaxies.
  • Star Wars Empire at War becomes available on Mac.

Books and ComicsEdit

  • Dark Times #1 is released this week.
  • The final chapter of the Evasive Action comic series is released on Hyperspace.
  • A second volume of Panel to Panel is set for a May 2007 release

Jay Shepard's Intro to the EUEdit

  • Jay begins his guide to the Expanded Universe by defining key tems when talking about the EU.

Expanded Universe Character of the WeekEdit

  • Bossk

Listener Mail SegmentEdit

  • Jason and Pete read some Star Wars tales from Jared from New Orleans, Paul, and Bill from Columbus.
  • Then they receive some feedback from Chris, Jenny, and Indiana Jim.