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The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

November 9, 2010

Date released

November 12, 2010




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Previous episode

Weekly ForceCast: October 29, 2010

Next episode

Weekly ForceCast: December 10, 2010



  • Ben Quadinaros in Star Wars Insider Issue 121
  • Jimmy Mac's review of The Force Unleashed II
  • Jimmy Interviews Bonnie Piesse (Young Beru Lars from Episode II)
  • Star Wars in Pop Culture
    • Darth Vader reference in the Back to the Future movie
    • Knight Rider: Micheal Knight and KIT -- "...What's all this? Looks like Darth Vader's bathroom!"
    • Darth Vader's (slightly incorrect) line "Luke I am your father" was used as part of an iMovie '11 audio editing demo in an Apple keynote presentation

Live Show GiveawayEdit

  • Two copies of Yoda: Bring You Wisdom, I Will were given away to live viewers who tweeted something with "@ForceCast" and "@ChronicleBooks."
    • Winners:
      • "@ChronicleBooks is in the jedi archives in the @forcecast" - @HayZay
      • "@ForceCast & @ChronicleBooks; filling my brain with the Yoda Goodness that is #StarWars!" - @RADuBreuil

Significant quotesEdit

  • "Quotes goes here" - Speaker's name SponsorshipEdit

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