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Weekly ForceCast: October 20, 2006

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The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

October 18, 2006

Date released

October 20, 2006




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Weekly ForceCast: October 13, 2006

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Weekly ForceCast: October 27, 2006


  • Dustin Roberts will be getting married this weekend.
  • The Halloween contest will be starting soon. Every photo must contain a person holding a Star Wars action figure.
  • Some disappointing news is revealed about the Cinemax Star Wars in HD marathon. Only subscribers to Comcast will be able to see the saga in full HD.
  • Disney is holding auditions for people to play Darth Vader and Darth Maul for the Jedi Training Academy in its parks.
  • Stephen Colbert issued a challenge to fans to animate a scene of him using a lightsaber. George Lucas entered the contest but lost to Bonnie R. by one point.
  •, the Star Wars franchise, Natalie Portman, and Harrison Ford all won awards in a contest that was discussed in a previous ForceCast episode.
  • Mimoco announces that it will release Star Wars themed Mimobot flash drives starting with Darth Vader.
  • Friend of, Steve Anderson becomes the featured artist at
  • KSWCC will be holding their third annual Fall Festival.
  • Any forum member of will receive a 40% discount on the film "George and Me".
  • The 501st and the Rebel Legion will be making an appearance at the "Yes I Can Strike Against Child Abuse."
  • Ray Park will attend the Syracuse Heroes Expo.
  • Luke Skywalker is ranked #85 in a list of the most influential people who never lived.

The CantinaEdit

  • Kyle Newman strikes back when he returns for the second part of his ForceCast interview.


  • Dan Curto joins Jason and Pete to talk about the fan choice poll.
  • Then they discuss some collectibles news from Hasbro, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Attackus, Corgi, and Hot Toys.


  • features a new trailer and production journal for the Star Wars Empire At War: Forces of Corruption expansion pack.
  • Wizards of the Coast releases new information about its upcoming Starship Battles game.

Expanded UniverseEdit

  • The Hyperspace exclusive Evasive Action series will be ending this winter.
  • Palace Press will soon be releasing "Sculpting the Galaxy". There will be a limited edition which will include many extras that will go along with the book.
  • Pete talks to Jay Shepard about his recent inteview with Star Wars author Drew Karpyshyn.

Expanded Universe Character of the WeekEdit

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

Listener Mail SegmentEdit

  • Phil from Illinois, Nick from Illinois, and Jedi Pat from Pennsylvania all tell their Star Wars tales.
  • A listener from California has a question about the ForceCast show notes.
  • Jason from Texas has a question about collecting.



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