The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

October 4, 2006

Date released

October 6, 2006




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Weekly ForceCast: September 29, 2006

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Weekly ForceCast: October 13, 2006


  • The ForceCast gets voted into the top ten podcasts at
  • A Star Wars 30th Anniversary DVD set is rumored to be on the way.
  • Cinemax will run the entire Star Wars saga in HD starting on November 10.
  • Pablo Hidalgo responds to a fake MySpace profile.
  • The Oregon Fanforce will hold a Star Wars Independent Film Festival in Portland on October 7. All procedes will go to the Oregon Food Bank.
  • allows customers to order custom posters and prints.
  • There are rumors the the gaming development company Free Radical is working on Star Wars: Battlefront III.

The CantinaEdit

  • Jason and Pete finish their interview with Star Wars artist Joe Corroney during part 3 of his visit to the Cantina.


  • Jason and Pete discuss some collectibles news and rumors from Hasbro, Sideshow, Lego, and Corgi.


  • Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is ranked 4th on the PC title sales.
  • Hyperspace reveals a new image from The Force Unleashed.

Books and ComicsEdit

  • More information is revealed about the Darth Who contest.
  • Many of the upcoming Dark Horse titles will be delayed.

Expanded Universe Character of the WeekEdit

  • Kyle Katarn (played at the beginning of the show)
  • Prince Xizor

Listener Mail SegmentEdit

  • Jason and Pete read Star Wars tales from Dean from Australia and Mark from London as well as emails from Riley Ep and Jeremy B.



Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This episode features two Expanded Universe Characters of the Week because Jason and Pete forgot to play one in the previous episode.