The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

October 8, 2011 (at Fan Days IV)

Date released

October 8, 2011




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Weekly ForceCast: September 30, 2011

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Weekly ForceCast: October 14, 2011

Live from Star Wars Fandays in Dallas, Jimmy Mac welcomes special guests Steve Sansweet (including a truly cringe-worthy musical tribute), writer Ernest Cline, Clone Wars actors Ashley Eckstein (David too), Stephen Stanton, and Tom Kane. Plus, Star Wars-inspired music performed by High Adventure's Glen Nelson, members of the 501st, Mando Mercs, J.C. Reifenberg of "Hughes the Force," ForceCast crew and listeners.


  • Steve Sansweet
  • Ernie Cline (writer of Ready Player One)
  • Ashley and David Eckstein
  • Stephen Stanton
  • Tom Kane
  • J.C. Reifenberg (producer/writer/director of Hughes the Force)


  • Interviews with Star Wars celebrities, fans, and other personalities.

Significant quotesEdit

  • Quotes go here.

Listener MailEdit

In light of some fans' dismay over Darth Vader's "Noooooo!" being added to Return of the Jedi for the Blu-ray release, a listener offers a tongue-in-cheek "Top 15 Other Changes to the Star Wars Movies for the Blu-Ray Release." Jason and Jimmy read the list as a countdown, and Jimmy adds humorous sound effects for many of the entries, including the return of the Chewbacca impersonator.

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