The Weekly ForceCast

Date recorded

September 19, 2007

Date released

September 21, 2007




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Weekly ForceCast: September 14, 2007

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Weekly ForceCast: September 28, 2007

Hosts Jason and Pete present the week's top Star Wars news, including: The Force Unleashed confirmed for the Wii, a recent TV Guide interview with George (Lucas, of course), and the Dark Lord gets himself arrested. Plus, an Indy 4 update, and your listener feedback. If it's Friday, it's time for the Force-Cast.

  • Jason and Pete play some clips from the Family Guy: Blue Harvest trailer.
  • Happy Birthday to Mark Hamill, Garrick Hagon, and Denis Lawson.
  • Pete gives the weekly ForceCast fantasy football update.

Billy Dee Quote of the WeekEdit

  • Toussaint DuBois explains how he became a night time janitor
    • "I never could get to sleep before sunrise."

Indiana Jones NewsEdit

  • The first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be played before Beowulf.
  • Ed Dolista call in to talk about Indiana Jones expanded universe.
  • has posted the packaging for the upcoming Indiana Jones figures.


  • The Force Unleashed will be coming to the Wii with motion controls and a duel mode.
  • There is an interview in TV Guide with George Lucas.
  • George Lucas intoduces Star Wars at the AFI.
  • posts a video interview with Aaron Allston and Troy Denning.
  • Mac Saber is now available on the iPhone.

Unthinkable Story of the WeekEdit

  • "Darth Vader" is arrested in England for assault.


  • The Force Unleashed lightsaber will follow the original release date.
  • New Galactic Heroes sets are revealed.
  • There is Hasbro news from the lates Q&A.

Listener MailEdit

  • Will from New Jersey talks about Star Wars in the Disney Parks.
  • Nile Balmer writes about meeting Mark Hamill at Celebration Europe.
  • Chelsa writes in to defend Ewan McGreggor.
  • A listener talks about Chewie not getting a medal.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This is the first episode to feature Unthinkable Story of the Week.


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